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FilmsMon 20 Nov 2023

Going Deeper Underground: Fungi Farming in the Abu Dhabi Desert

An inside look at Below Farm, a sustainable indoor vertical farm located in the middle of the Abu Dhabi Desert. An electrical engineer by trade, Wojciech Slowinski, along with his fellow co-founders, turned his childhood love of foraging mushrooms in the forests of Poland into a low-water, agricultural project using local resources and renewable energy.


Who would have thought mushrooms could grow in the middle of the desert? By combining innovative thinking and determination. Meet the team at Below Farm, an Abu Dhabi-based startup dedicated to the art of growing mushrooms through precise indoor farming techniques.

Polish electrical engineer and co-founder of Below Farm, Wojciech Slowinski,  shares how his passion for foraging mushrooms at a young age inspired his own entrepreneurial journey. By building pressure-controlled chambers from the ground up (literally), the team at Below Farm is able to grow an array of quality mushrooms. The company hopes to shine a light on the importance of food security by creating a circular economy that utilizes local resources and brings premium mushrooms to the UAE community. 

From memories of fungi hunting in the forest to growing non-native mushroom strains in a sophisticated facility far from home, we see how one individual’s passion drove him to do the unimaginable. With this interview, we see just how high you can build, even when you’re starting underground.

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