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FilmsWed 20 Sep 2023

Circular Construction: Palm Fronds to Palm Strand Board

Mr. Hatem Farah, founder of Desert Board, shares the creation of a revolutionary building material they call the Palm Strand Board.


No stranger to overcoming obstacles, Hatem Farah understands that personal drive and dedication can lead to a better future. One example of that future is his pioneering manufacturing company, Desert Board.

Through its devotion to innovative engineering, Desert Board has successfully created what they call the Palm Strand Board (PSB), an ingeniously crafted wooden board produced from upcycled palm fronds. By utilising the abundant palm biomass collected from local farmers in the United Arab Emirates, the company manufactures a durable and eco-friendly building material. The result is a sustainable, high-strength, formaldehyde-free wooden board.

Inspired by the UAE’s commitment to building an eco-conscious future, Desert Board’s mission to combat deforestation is one more step toward a green future. In this short film, we learn more about Desert Board’s journey from Hatem and the company director, Kamal Farah.  

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