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Our Origins

Our story begins in the heart of the UAE, in a region that has witnessed first-hand the harsh effects of climate change, as well as some of the most transformational innovations in sustainable development.  The borderless challenge that sits ahead of us is abundantly clear – what we now need is action.  We are firm believers in how the power of ‘one’ can catalyse change across the globe.  

The Climate Tribe has emerged as a social enterprise inspiring climate action through dynamic storytelling, immersive community engagement and radical collaboration.  

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Our Platform

Whether it’s a conversation with one of our team, a post on our socials or coming across one of our community events, we’re so glad your curiosity has led you here.  On our platform, you will find a combination of video docuseries, podcasts, articles, photographs, art, music and more that showcases the incredible changemakers, entrepreneurs and philanthropists who are leading the charge in the fight against climate change.  Ultimately, the common thread that links these stories, is a focus on the 'why' - why they have chosen to take action, why now, and why in their communities.

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Building a Tribe

Our tribe goes far beyond the individuals you see on this platform.  We believe anyone who has played a part in telling our story, their story, or the stories of others, anyone who has taken a step – small or big – towards creating a better world, is a part of The Climate Tribe. 

By joining our collective as a contributor, supporter, volunteer or creator, you are bringing your unique spark to our mission and, for that, we thank you.

Our Team

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