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FilmsTue 03 Oct 2023

A Delicious Resource: Form and Function in the Humble Date Seed

Two Dubai-based design engineers discover the power of the date seed and its astonishing potential to combat waste generation.


It’s easy to get distracted by the delectable sweetness of a date. With its sugary flavor profile, rich nutritional content, and cultural significance to the Middle East, the date certainly has its charm. However, few are conscious of where discarded seeds find their final resting place.  

Thanks to co-founders Alhaan Ahmed and Nikhliesh Mohan of ARDH Collective, we now have Dateform, a flagship startup specializing in producing solid surface materials from date seeds. Based in the United Arab Emirates, the co-founders realized discarded date seeds occupied landfills at an alarming rate . By converting  these unused  seeds into an easily moldable surface material, Dateform has created a sophisticated solution for seed waste through  upcycling. Thus, the forgotten seeds are transformed into a product with multiple applications and  a stylish new aesthetic.  

In this short film, we explore Dateform’s origins and how these two best friends used innovative thinking and creativity to design the perfect “waste to value” formula.

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