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FilmsThu 08 Feb 2024

Co-Creating with Nature: The Art of Circular Design

Designer Reema Al Mheiri's mission to redefine waste leads her to repurpose discarded fish scales into stunning architectural floor lamps.


Reema Al Mheiri is an architect and designer on a mission to redefine waste in the world of product design. Inspired by her grandfather's connection to the sea, Reema began to explore waste streams within the fishing industry. Shocked by the amount of usable material discarded, she honours her heritage by repurposing discarded fish scales into a regenerative biomaterial.

Reema’s journey led to the creation of Tibrah, a luxury floor lamp that integrates fish scales into its design. As an advocate for circular design, Reema ensures that Tibrah embodies sustainability from production to end-of-life disassembly. Her unconventional approach and dedication to co- designing with nature exemplify her philosophy on consumption and respecting Earth’s resources. In this short film, we celebrate nature-led design and delve deeper into Reema Al Mheiri's innovative, creative process.

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