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FilmsWed 06 Sep 2023

A Pioneering Partnership: Establishing the UAE’s first Vegan Leather Luxury Brand

In an effort to make a change in the world of conventional fast fashion, two Emirati sisters have teamed up with an innovative approach to produce luxury goods using vegan leather.


After learning about the changing environmental landscape and the impact of fast fashion on the planet, sisters Hesa and Amna AlDahel joined forces to launch their startup, "Wadi D." Through a process of detailed research and prototyping, the two Emirati sisters have created a luxury fashion line using vegan leather sourced from various plants such as cactus, mango, and grapes. 

Not only have they managed to turn heads with their stylish products, elegantly balancing design and utility, but the name "Wadi D" also pays homage to the sister’s family name and home country of the United Arab Emirates. The inspiration behind their design concept dates back to the 1950s, when multi-purpose use and size modification were popular among consumers, making Wadi D’s products appealing for today’s fashionistas.

From idea to design, these sisters are making a splash against animal leather and the fast fashion industry. In this short film, we see how a sisterly duo is changing fashion perceptions while increasing awareness about alternatives to animal-based products. 

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