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Dr Louise Lambert

Dr Louise Lambert

Dr. Louise Lambert, PhD, is a registered psychologist (Canada), researcher, and (past) professor of counselling, mental health, education, and primary healthcare. She has lived in the UAE for 20 years doing organisational and educational consulting, as well as teaching and research in the field of happiness & well-being. Her expertise is in positive psychology and the empirical strategies used to attain greater subjective well-being. She has several peer-reviewed empirical publications in the application of positive psychology interventions. She is the Head of Happiness Programming & Policy Design with Her work includes the design, delivery and assessment of the positive education programs at Dubai College and Kuwait’s Al Nowair Foundation, with previous training with clients such as Cigna Insurance Middle East, KidsFirst, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, the Canadian Embassy in the UAE, KAUST (KSA), etc. Dr. Louise is the Editor of the Middle East Journal of Positive Psychology, a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to regional wellbeing.

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