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Artem Shestakov

Artem Shestakov

Artem Shestakov's journey from a serene Ukrainian town to the global stage of fine art photography and filmmaking is a testament to his passion for discovery. Enchanted by unexplored lands from a young age, Artem's transformative trip to Brazil at 19 ignited a lifelong love affair with nature and photography. Now, at 30, he stands as a distinguished figure, capturing not just landscapes but the emotions and stories within them. His work is a call to action for environmental protection, reflecting his deep understanding and respect for nature. Recently venturing into filmmaking, he created 'The Perfect Shot: Antarctica,' a visual poem highlighting the pristine beauty of this fragile ecosystem. Artem Shestakov is not just a photographer but a storyteller, environmental advocate, and visionary artist inspiring us to protect the world's breath-taking beauty.

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