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Eye of the Storm

05 Feb 20241 Min read
Eye of the Storm
The Climate Tribe

Along the Southern boundary of the Sahara desert, a strong wind, known as haboob, wreaks havoc on communities, causing sand and dust storms. With frequent droughts, high rainfall variability and an economy heavily dependent on natural resources, Sudan is one of the most vulnerable countries to climate variability and climate change.

Powerful pieces of visual artwork, such as this, showcase the dangerous realities of shifting weather patterns and encourage all of us to enact positive, eco-friendly choices in our lives.

This award-winning photograph is from the sixth season, “The Challenge”, of the Hamdan bin Mohamed bin Rashid al Maktoum International Photography Award (HIPA) Archive. The Climate Tribe has partnered with HIPA, leveraging the power of photography to inspire global awareness of sustainability and advance climate action. The first collaboration under this partnership is the COP28 Photography Competition, which is currently in the judging and verification process. Winners to be announced!

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PhotographerHazim ElHag Babiker
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