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Ammar Abdel Latif

Ammar Abdel Latif

Among the grains of sand of the Western Desert of Egypt mixed with the green color of its oases, which are rich in charming nature, Ammar loved nature, until his love for nature led him to join the “The Climate Tribe” team. Ammar is a professional in the field of content writing, public relations and communication, with more than 24 years of diverse experience in the industry. His career began as a journalist trainee at Al-Alam Al-Youm newspaper, where he developed writing skills and gained early experience in journalism. He then worked as a full-time journalist for Al-Alam Al-Youm newspaper supplements, as editor of a news website, and as editor-in-chief of a private company for about 4 years. Ammar now enjoys participating with environmental activists in their activities to protect the environment across the desert or forests and even in the depths of the sea.

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